Expeditionary Shelter Solar Systems

Custom Designs and Layouts



Current Designs Part Numbers:


Part Number: EST EST203000RA


Product Description: Expeditionary Shelter Solar System Complete. The System is portable, solar panels and only needs a flat stable surface to operate. The system breaks down for easy transport on rapid response missions.  System is used to power complete shelter system.


Additional Details:

- Designed to be setup in 30x30 footprint

- Includes all hardware, software and batteries packs to operate as an energy backup. Automatic transfer to solar when shelter is switched to standby mode to operate lower energy devices. Includes standby switch device

- Smart inverter system automatically switches between solar and land power

- LED Lighting system included

- Complete distribution system included meeting NEC requirements

- Durable frame construction with aluminum reinforcement

- Transport casing included

- Warranty included 

- Optional remote monitoring of system status



MSRP: $492,325.79





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