Because EST designs, builds and installs complete wash rack filtration systems, we are constantly called on to design systems to meet unique customer requirements.


  • Multi-stage wash and rinse systems for the phosphate pretreatment industry                                  
  • Salt removal systems for corrosion control applications                                                                          
  • Automated rinse systems for conveyor lines                                                                                                    
  • Extreme environment installations


The following is an example of the type of custom system we are called on to build.


The customer needed to wash heavy dirt off of ground support equipment in a hostile remote environment. He had the following particular site issue to overcome:


  • Inlet water was potable, but not up to cleaning specs                                                                        
  • 230v,3 phase power available, however, no on site water supply                                                         
  • Harsh desert environment; cold, hot and dusty                                                                                        
  • Requested semi automated mud collection on rack                                                                                
  • Requested automatic mud removal from filtration system                                                              
  • Required stand alone operation with no daily user input                                                                        
  • Required internet monitoring or filtration system                                                                                     
  • Needed both high pressure hot water and low pressure high flow washing                                  
  • Required semi-portable wash rack with low ground clearance

EST was able to meet all these requirements plus deliver the equipment to site within 60 days.


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