The Tactical Rinse System (TRS) is a modular, automatic clear water rinse system for aircraft of virtually every configuration and complexity. Fully deployable, the TRS is installed above ground, eliminating

the time and expense of infrastructure modification and associated site engineering/environmental


The modular configuration consists of steel pad sections forming the wash rack and complete rinse/wash and filtration system housed in special ISO containers. All that is required is electrical power.

  • TRS is automatic.                                                              
  • Onboard PAR (Pilot Activated Rinse) technology allows the pilot to activate precision spray nozzles from the cockpit when taxiing onto the rinse pad.              
  • The TRS cycle completes a thorough rinse of dust, salt and corrosive deposits, then reclaims the wash water, filters and reuses it.                                    
  • Foaming and washing features can be added to TRS system.


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